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What is Revit MEP Course?
Revit MEP training Centre in Cochin, Kerala


Revit MEP is the most popular Building Information Modeling (BIM) software. Now a days MEP becoming more popular in construction field. MEP stands for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing. By using Autodesk Revit MEP, the work load has been reduced for complex buildings like more than 30 floors and large scale commercial buildings. BIM is the latest drawing technique which convert all physical variables into a digital form. By using the BIM software the analyzing and scheduling become simpler than the conventional methods.

Autodesk Revit


    • Introduction
    • MEP Design
    • Revit MEP
    • Graphical User Interface (Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar, Options Bar, Properties Palette, View Control Bar, Status Bar, Info Center, User Interface Control, Menus and Settings, Keyboard Shortcuts, Context Menus)
  • Starting a project
    • Worksharing
    • Link Revit
    • Controlling Visibility
    • Copy/Monitor
    • Batch copy
    • Link CAD
  • Family Creation
    • Solid Modeling
    • Symbols & Annotations
    • Creating Equipment
    • Creating Light Fixture
    • Creating Devices
  • Mechanical Design
    • Introduction To Intruder Alarm System
    • Space Modeling
    • Zones
    • Building Construction
    • Heating and Cooling Load Analysis
    • Report and scheduling
    • Mechanical System & Duct Work
    • Mechanical Piping System
    • Pipe Fittings
    • Filters
  • Electrical Design
    • Spaces and Lighting
    • Lighting Analysis
    • Schedule Key
    • Light Fixtures
    • Site Lighting
    • Power and Communication
    • Modeling
    • Creating Circuits
    • Creating Fire Alarm System Model
    • Creating Power Distribution Systems
    • Modeling Conduits and Cable Tray
    • Panels
    • Wiring
  • Plumbing
    • Plumbing fixtures
    • Classifications of piping systems
    • Sloping pipe
  • Fire Protection
    • Sprinklers
    • Fire protection devices
    • Automatic pipe routings
  • Drafting and Detailing
    • Line Style
    • Regions
    • Detail Component
    • CAD Details
    • Drafting Views
    • Detail Views
  • Sheet Setting
    • Title Block Creation
    • Sheet Creation
    • Placing Views in a Sheet
    • Sheet Revisions
    • Printing
    • Export to CAD


The Revit MEP training and certification institute in Kochi offers hands on experience with 100% placement support. We conduct regular training, crash course, short-term training for Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Check out the Revit MEP syllabus provided by AMBIT before getting admission.

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