What is Home Automation ?
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Home automation is a part of building automation for a house, also called as smart home. It mainly handles the control and automation of heating , ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, security, and home appliances. Introduction of IoT made home automation even more simple and attractive, allowing users to monitor their home through phone from anywhere and can have control on the devecies at the same time. Pupil join their hands with us in home automation training find a secure carrier in the automation industry.


  • Concept of Smart Home
  • Smart Home Devices
    • HUB
    • Sensors
    • Actuators
  • Room-by-Room design concept
  • Smart Home Protocols
    • Bluetooth Mesh
    • Wi-Fi
    • ZigBee
      • PAN and IEEE 802.15.4 standard
      • Architecture-OSI model
      • ZigBee mesh network
      • ZigBee device types
      • ZigBee green power
      • ZigBee and Wi-Fi coexistence
      • IEEE 802.15.4 Spectrum Usage
    • Z-Wave
      • Z Wave architecture
      • Z-Wave Networks, Nodes & Devices
      • Meshing and Routing
      • Building Routes in a Z-Wave Network
      • Types of Network Nodes
      • Z-Wave Network with Controller types
      • Z-Wave Controllers & Devices- How does it work?
      • Groups, Scenes & Associations
    • Z-Wave and ZigBee comparison
    • KNX (Theory)
      • Communication medium
      • Configuration modes
      • KNX Topologies
      • Line Segment, Line, Area, Backbone
      • KNX bus devices
      • KNX power supply and one bit transmission
      • KNX telegram
      • Physical address and Group address
      • Group address styles- Two level, Three level and Free level
      • ETS
        • Flags
        • Download & Flags
        • Transfer parameters & flags
  • Smart Home HUBs
  • Home Automation Platforms
    • Home Assistant
      • Local host and Hassbian
      • IoT classes
      • Integrations
      • Configuration
      • Authentication
      • Core objects
      • Automations: Triggers, Conditions, Actions
      • Scripts
      • Scenes
    • openHAB
      • Local host and Openhabian
      • Things
      • Channels
      • Bindings
      • Items
      • Links
      • Virtual IoT-Eclipse smart home


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