Why Embedded Robotics Training ?

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Embedded Electronics and Robotics

The world is becoming closer and closer. Things are becoming smaller and smaller.

Embedded electronics and robotics have the key role to play in the advancement of the current technology that we see. Embedded system combines the key hardware and the software together for achieving a specific requirement of the fast-moving world. Here at Ambit we provide the foundation and the branches for you to climb the ladder of Electronics and Robotics.

The world of Embedded Electronics and Robotics is wide and vast.

  • Home appliances and gadgets
  • Computers and laptops
  • Automobile industries
  • Camerasli
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (Drones)
  • Humanoids
  • Industry automation robots

What We You Do at Ambit?

While there are so many alluring opportunities in this field, question is - how can we benefit from this? If you are an individual from engineering background - there is clear cut opportunity for becoming an embedded system engineer. At AMBIT we have designed the course such that the foundation of electronics and robotics is made clear and then we step forward towards the advanced concepts.

The course outcome is a candidate who has a clear cut idea of the basics and other concepts which is the prime requirement of any industry and also a person who is ready to hit the stage with his self confidence in the field and with good presentation skills, The candidate will be well versed with Controller families like AVR series ARM series and PIC series.

And in Robotics the foundation concept of PID and all the other concepts and idea of robotics and hands on experience on actuators, motors and sensors which is the prime components of any robot.

Course Syllabus

  • Embedded Electronics
    • Embedded Electronics
    • Basic electronics
    • Arduino
    • NXP LPC series
    • TI Launchpad Tiva c Series
    • STM32 High Performance Cortex Series
    • PIC Series
    • PCB Designing and CAD
    • IOT
    • Project
  • Robotics
    • Basic designing
    • Sensors
    • Motors
    • Actuators
    • Sensor Fusion
    • Project Design Concept and Analysis
    • Project


The highly skilled trainers who are capable of quality embedded system and robotic electronics training with 100% placement assistance. We conduct regular training, crash course, short-term training & 3 months training. Check out the course syllabus provided by AMBIT before getting admission.

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