Revit MEP is the most famous BIM software used now a days. We all know what MEP is. Simply it is Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing. But it doesn’t means that everything in the mechanical and electrical branches. It only deals with room heating, bad air ventilation, air conditioning, etc. in the mechanical and lighting, power distribution, etc. in the electrical. In another way MEP is actually a service given to the building itself. It deals with the comfort of the persons in the building. For example to control the temperature and humidity of the air in the room, give the correct lighting to the space, good water supply and drainage, etc. If we look around we cannot see anything as MEP but if we understand what MEP is, you can realize how much MEP influence in our daily life. Even the lighting in your bed room is also a part of MEP. That is why the construction industry require huge number of MEP, HVAC, Revit MEP engineers now a days.

Even if we know about MEP, only a few people know what Revit MEP is. Revit MEP is not a higher or advanced version of MEP. It is simply a software which simplifies the designing complications of MEP. Designing is a relevant part of MEP. There will be analyzes, calculations, drawings related with designing like cooling load analyze, duct or pipe sizing, lighting analyzes etc. Previously for analyzing and calculations are done completely by human with some standard charts and tables and with a lot of calculations. Then for each analyze individual software’s released and it simplifies the calculations and reduce the time consumption for analyze. The latest technology for analyzing a building is called Building Information Modeling (BIM).

BIM is the latest building modeling technic which convert all the physical quantities in real world building to a digital form to model the building. By that way we can see what will be the building after construction it. We can simply analyze the whole building with giving any external data to the software because it already containing all the data about the building in it.

Revit MEP is one of the most used BIM software in MEP designing. It also helps to design the MEP drawings with a 3D model. So that the error checking of the designed MEP system. It also give the data of the bill of quantity of the designed MEP system. That’s why the Revit MEP becoming more popular in MEP engineering and by learning Revit MEP with MEP making your job opportunities twice.


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